Saturday, May 17, 2014

Build Me Up Buttercup

Soon we will be back with one our own instructional videos. In the meantime check out one of my favorite music videos, a cute and ingenious rendition of Build Me Up Buttercup on YouTube. This 1968 hit by The Foundations had many reincarnations since, appearing in many movies and popular TV shows. This seemingly simple little song is actually a progression of umpteen chords in a very creative pattern, making the song fun and bright.

Some like this song, some hate it, musical tastes differ widely. If the need arises I will create a teaching video about this very song, but if you're fast enough you can catch some of the chords right off the original video. It is interesting to note that Julia holds the C chord with her pinky multiple times, thereby making the transitions to/from the neighboring chords more comfortable. Players interested in learning this song also have to contend with the many fast chord changes. Intensive practice can prepare your fingers to make it to the right place on time, chord after chord.